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The Cross Property Project Nest Box Program

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Mammals such as sugar gliders, squirrel gliders and phascogales need hollows for shelter for nesting and breeding.  However, in revegetated areas with few mature trees  there are not enough natural hollows to support populations of these animals.  In these situations, nest boxes can provide a means of survival for the animals until sufficient natural hollows develop.

In August and September, the Cross Property Planning Project will be busy installing over 100 nest boxes across 27 properties (Bethungra/Illabo/Junee, Kyeamba and Humula).  It is hoped that these boxes can provide homes to sugar gliders and squirrel gliders in areas where no large hollows exist. 

Three field days will also be held in October/November to examine the role that they can play in the landscape and to help landholders with monitoring and maintenance of their nest boxes. 

If you would like further information on the nest box project or would like to be included on our mailing list please contact Jacinta Christie, Project Coordinator on 0431 953 778 or email jchristie@mli.org.au.

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